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Comprehensive Site Analytics

Analytics is what ties everything together.  Your advertising efforts are promoting the same message, but are being pushed out through multiple mediums.  Analytics analysis provides a comprehensive view of how each is performing. 

You know what you're advertising, but how is each medium performing?

Each medium has unique Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which indicate how they are performing.  Not every medium is measuring success in the same way, even if the messaging is the same.  Analytics is the needle that threads across all mediums, and ties together all of your efforts holistically.  Without analysis, each of your efforts is operating in a vacuum, and missing out on the insights of the other.  We help bring all those things together in a simple and intelligent format. 

Measure Return by Medium

A/B Split Testing

Improve Your Bottom Line 

We believe that all of your advertising efforts are a living entity, and the success of one medium can sometimes be tied to another.  Without comprehensive reporting, you're simply reacting to results after the dollars have already been spent.  Proactive measurement means that we can make suggestions on how to best achieve success in real-time. 

Effective Copyrighting

Unlike some agencies that focus on the creative, design, and branding elements; our goal is simple, driving immediate and direct success.  There's a reason why we've chosen the mediums that we have; the success can be quantified, and the results are objective.  Some mediums are going to outperform others, and it's Analytics that determines how those dollars should be reallocated.  

How are your campaigns doing?  Tell us a bit about what your current advertising efforts are, and we can ensure that you have the most current and profitable strategy in place.